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Adding new category END MILLS

End Mills added. Small end mills for watch/clockmakers, prototyping, model engineers, etc. HSS, Carbide, etc.


NEW category FILES

Adding the new category of FILES. Files are numbered, 0 = coarse, 8 = fine. Files shoud be kept from banging against or rubbing against one another. Avoid holding files by their teeth, perspiration can cause rust,and oils make the file skip. Chalk can be used to remove oil and grease. Many technical books describe the different file cuts, shapes, sizes and their use. If you have any questions feel free to contact us with any questions.


Adding a new product category for Abrasives and Polishing

The new category will include items used to sand lap and polish including Diamond pastes, Lapping films and compounds, Burs, Brushes, Burnishers, and more. We will be adding a seperate category for files. If you plan to order more than one item be sure and send us an email to get the appropriate shipping rate, same for all International orders where shipping is usually more.


Introducing The Charming collection - personally designed hand-tied Malas

CoSylDa Design is proud to present our new jewelry line - The Charming Collection. Awaken - Enhance - Transform


CoSylDa Design is on FaceBook

CoSylDa Design has a fan page on facebook. Please check it out and become a fan to help us grow our Horological community. We will be posting pics and info as its loaded into the computer. Ron Landberg "the watchmaker" is also there.


Secure Off Site Storage

We have added off Site storage for all watches and items of value. If you have questions regarding or placing an order for a watch or item which may be in this category please contact us as early as possible during normal business hours so we can arrange pick up of the item.


Let us know how you found us

It's time to consider advertising. We need more traffic at the website, so please when ordering or just looking send us comments on how you found the site, and any other helpful comments you have. Thanks, Ron


CoSylDa the name

I've had quite a few questions about the name CoSylDa lately so I thought I would comment here. CoSylDa does not mean anything, in fact that was the goal. Co is from COlorado, Syl is from PennSYLvania, and Da is from NevaDA. These are the last three states we have lived in, and it sounded pretty good. All three states were instrumental in the creation of CoSylDa Design.


International Shipping

Please contact us with what you are purchasing and where you want it shipped before paying so we can determine shipping cost. Thanks.

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